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  • Early ovarian failure: natural remedy

    By On 15/01/2021

     Premature ovarian failure (POF) is a complex of pathological symptoms, including secondary amenorrhea, infertility, high levels of gonadotropin, low estrogen levels, and vegetative-vascular disorders in women under the age of 40 years. At the same time, before the development of POF, female patients had menstrual and reproductive functions. The frequency of POF in the population is 1.5%, and in the structure of secondary amenorrhea - up to 10%. There are a number of theories explaining the causes of premature ovarian failure: PRE and post pubertal destruction of oocytes, chromosomal abnormalities, autoimmune diseases, etc. The exact nature of premature ovarian dysfunction is unclear.


  • Natural approach to hiv aids

    What is the natural approach to hiv treatment?

    By On 12/01/2021

    There are several natural approaches when it comes to treating HIV/AIDS

    When infection with the virus that causes AIDS occurs, the immune system begins to be attacked. And it is in the first phase, called acute infection, that HIV incubates (the time between exposure to the virus and the appearance of the first signs of the disease). This period varies from three to six weeks. And the body takes 30 to 60 days after infection to produce antibodies to HIV. The first symptoms are very similar to those of the flu, such as fever and feeling sick. Therefore, most cases go unnoticed.


  • Can you get pregnant with blocked tubes?

    By On 11/01/2021

    Blockage of the fallopian tubes is one of the causes of infertility in a person. However, not all women who suffer from fallopian tube blockages mean that they cannot get pregnant. If only part of the fallopian tube is blocked, there is still the potential for pregnancy . This is because the eggs can still travel through the fallopian tubes which are not blocked.


  • Clove to get pregnant naturally

    CLOVE TO GET PREGNANT: free recipes

    By On 03/01/2021

    Herbal remedies give hope to many couples who fail to conceive. Some couples spend their entire lives saving for expensive, long-term, invasive infertility treatments, which often go unsuccessful. Although herbs are often thought of as an alternative therapy, the truth is that they have been used for hundreds of years to treat all ailments in the world.

    After all, plants were the only drugs available to our ancestors and the human race has survived, so plants must get their fair share! In this article, we will tell you how cloves boost fertility to help you get pregnant naturally. 



  • How to treat hepatitis b and c naturally and without side effects?

    By On 29/12/2020


    The HCV is a virus of the family  Flaviviridae. It is estimated that around 170 million people are infected with it worldwide. In Africa, this number is 700,000 and 2,000 are recognized each year. Most hepatitis C infections are asymptomatic. 

  • How to use ginger for functional colopathy

    How to use ginger for Functional colopathy

    By On 28/12/2020

    Many of us suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and at much ignore this condition. It doesn't sound dangerous, but left untreated can have serious consequences. Therefore, we can take action in time not only to get rid of the problem, but also to be healthy in the long term. By providing a natural treatment combined with ginger recipes that will be effective in the cure for functional colopathy.



    By On 28/12/2020

     Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver, often called "yellow disease" because jaundice of the skin and mucous membranes can be one of the manifestations of inflammation of the liver.



    The natural treatment that we offer to cure hepatitis B and C consists mainly of natural herbal teas. It destroys the viruses that cause hepatitis and provides the antioxidants that help maintain the overall health of the liver. To find out more, click on the image below or contact us on +229 99 54 64 63.

    Hepatitis remedy

    Tel / WhatsApp: +229 99 54 64 63.  


    What are the causes of hepatitis?

    • The viral hepatitis is an infectious disease caused by the hepatitis virus. The most common are hepatitis A (HAV), hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis C (HCV). 
    • Viruses that cause hepatitis can enter the body through the digestive system (HAV), through contact with infected blood, through medical manipulation, or through sexual contact (HBV, HCV). Vertical transmission (from an infected pregnant fetus) is possible.


    1. Hepatitis A

    The cause of hepatitis A is the hepatitis A virus (HAV). This virus is usually transmitted through food or drinking water contaminated with the feces of people with hepatitis A who contain the hepatitis A virus.

    Most people who get hepatitis A make a full recovery within two weeks to six months. This virus also does not leave liver damage, but in rare cases hepatitis A can cause liver failure to death.

    2. Hepatitis B

    The cause of hepatitis B is the hepatitis B virus (HBV). Hepatitis B can be transmitted through body fluids infected with the hepatitis B virus.

    Body fluids that can potentially transmit the hepatitis B virus are blood, vaginal fluid, and semen. Using shared needles, having sex with an infected partner, can trigger the risk of hepatitis B.


    Hepatitis C

    Hepatitis C is spread through direct contact with body fluids infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Almost the same as hepatitis B, the cause of hepatitis B is injection drug use and sexual interference.

    Hepatitis C often has no symptoms, but chronic infection can damage the day until cirrhosis. In some cases, people who suffer from cirrhosis also suffer from liver failure, liver cancer, etc. until their death.

    4. Hepatitis D

    Hepatitis D is also often called delta hepatitis. As with other hepatitis, the cause of hepatitis D is a virus which is the hepatitis D virus (HDV).

    The hepatitis D virus can be infected through direct contact with infected blood. Hepatitis D is a rare hepatitis that only occurs in conjunction with hepatitis B. The hepatitis D virus cannot multiply without the presence of hepatitis B.


    5. Hepatitis E

    Hepatitis E is caused by the hepatitis E virus (HEV). Hepatitis E can easily occur in an environment that is not well sanitized, due to contamination of the hepatitis E virus in water sources.

    6. Other causes

    In addition to viruses, other causes of hepatitis are due to liver damage caused by chemical compounds such as alcohol, drug use in excess of doses, exposure to poisons. Additionally, hepatitis can also occur due to autoimmune conditions in the body. The body's immune system attacks and damages the body's own cells and tissues, in this case the liver cells, causing inflammation.



    N ° 1  : Ingredients - a stalk of one-finger brotowali - three glasses of water - a tablespoon of honey

    Natural hepatitis treatment

    How to do it:  Wash the brotowali stems then cut them into pieces if necessary. Boil three cups of water up to the remaining cup. Once cooled, strain and add a spoonful of honey. Drink twice a day, every half a glass.

    # 2: Ingredients - 9 to 15 grams of dried bougainvillea stems - three cups of water - a tablespoon of honey

    Bougainvillea stems against hepatitis

    How to do it:  After cleaning, cut the bougainvillea stems finely. Enter a courier bin while adding three glasses of water. Boil until there is a glass of water left. Once it's cold, strain it. Drink filtered water after adding honey. Filtered water is taken twice a day, morning and evening, each half a glass

    # 3:  Ingredients - a handful of fresh bitter melon leaves - a cup of boiled water - salt to taste

    Fresh bitter melon leaves against heepatitis

    How to do it: Wash the bitter melon leaves and rinse with boiled water. Mash the leaves until smooth while adding a cup of water. Stir until evenly distributed and add a little salt. Strain the mixture and drink it in the morning before eating. Note: This recipe should not be used when you are pregnant, as it can cause miscarriage.

    # 4: Ingredients - two ripe tomatoes - enough sugar

    Tomatoes against hepatitis

    How to make: After washing, cut the tomatoes into juice. However, if you do not have the tools, the fruits can be boiled with enough water. After boiling, crushed or crushed, then squeezed. The juice is added with a little sugar and then taken twice a day.

    # 5: Ingredients - three ripe noni fruits or a handful of noni skin - a banana leaf - a piece of cloth - enough vinegar Method

    How to do it: The noni fruit is washed and then rinsed with boiled water. Grate and press with a piece of cloth. The juice is drunk. Method II For external use, the noni skin is finely ground and then stirred with a little vinegar. Wrap the mixture in banana leaves. Heat for a while on fire or steam. In warm conditions, attach the wrapper to the upper right abdomen, where the heart is swollen and sore.

    N ° 6: Ingredients - a tablespoon of papaya seeds - three fingers of papaya with papaya fruit - honey to taste

    Papaya against hepatitis

    How to make: The seeds and fruits of papaya are mixed or mashed until the fruits are grated. The mixture is added to a honey to taste, then drink. Note: Pregnant women are prohibited from drinking this herb as it can cause miscarriage.

    # 7: Ingredients - enough fresh carrots How to make carrots cleaned and then washed with boiled water.

    How to do it: Cut as needed and juice it. Can also grate carrots and the results are squeezed, then filtered until collected in a glass. Carrot juice can be drunk immediately. Note: Most carrots can cause the skin color to turn yellow. If this happens, stop drinking the potion for a while. Any skin color will return to normal.

    N ° 8: Ingredients - two fingers of fresh ginger rhizome - honey to taste

    How to make: The ginger rhizome is peeled, then washed thoroughly. Rinse with boiled water then grated. Add half a cup of lukewarm water and a tablespoon of honey. Mix well then squeeze and strain. Filtered water is taken twice a day.

    # 9: Ingredients - a one finger turmeric rhizome - a tablespoon of honey

    How to make: a washed and shredded turmeric rhizome. Add a little water to the grater. Grated then filtered and add honey. Drink three times a day.

  • Natural treatment of hyperprolactinemia

    By On 28/12/2020

    Hyperprolactinemia is a condition in which a person has higher than normal levels of the hormone prolactin in the blood. Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland, a pea-sized gland located at the base of the brain.

    The main function of prolactin is to stimulate the production of breast milk after childbirth, which is why high levels of prolactin are expected during pregnancy. Prolactin also affects the levels of the sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) in women and men.



  • Moringa to cure hepatitis

    Moringa and Hepatitis b: free home remedy

    By On 22/12/2020

    Chronic hepatitis B infection treatment implicates a long-lasting treatment. Meanwhile, Moringa oleifera extracts contain compounds with antiviral, antioxidant, and antibiotic properties. Find out in this article if moringa can cure hepatitis B effectively.



  • Effect of ginseng on testicle size and testosterone


    By On 11/12/2020

    Testicular atrophy occurs when the testes contract. This is a fairly concerning medical condition because the testes, which are located in the scrotum just behind the penis, are responsible for creating sperm. The testes can contract for several reasons, including aging, an underlying medical condition, or infection. Learn more on the EFFECT OF RED GINSENG ON TESTICLE SIZE AND TESTOSTERONE.