High blood pressure and stroke: natural treatment

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What is high blood pressure?

The heart works like a pump that pushes blood through the body. High blood pressure is the reflection of too much pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the arteries.

10 Fascinating Facts About Stroke And Stroke

The blood pressure is expressed as two numbers. The first, the highest, corresponds to the so-called “systolic” pressure, that is to say the pressure exerted on the walls of the arteries when the heart contracts. The second, the weakest, corresponds to the "diastolic" pressure, pressure during the phase of relaxation of the heart. The unit of measurement used is the centimeter of mercury, or cmHg.

A person is considered to have arterial hypertension when the resting blood pressure reading is greater than or equal to 14 cmHg for systolic pressure and 9 cmHg for diastolic (i.e. ≥ 14/9 cmHg), and this at several times during 3 successive consultations over a period of 3 to 6 months.

It is with plants that our ancestors healed. To resort to plants is to choose the right cure. The treatment we offer you is by no means the same as any other.

Our  natural remedy against arterial hypertension consists of several herbal teas  whose active ingredients promote the dilation of arteries and therefore the drop in blood pressure. These herbal teas help to remove the stiffness of the blood vessels by making them more flexible. The natural remedy also acts on the kidneys and promotes the elimination of water and salt. It also helps fight stress, insomnia and heart palpitations, which is why this herbal tea is so effective in lowering blood pressure naturally. 

This natural remedy is very effective and has already lowered the blood pressure of many patients. It is the miracle solution to cure high blood pressure naturally. Our natural remedy is the secret to cure high blood pressure with herbs and without side effects. Click on the image below to discover our natural treatment:

Herbal tea remedy to cure hypertension

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So how does high blood pressure trigger stroke?

Stroke is a leading cause of death and severe long-term disability . Most people who have a first stroke also have  high blood pressureHigh blood pressure damages arteries throughout the body, creating conditions where they can rupture or become blocked more easily.

Weakened arteries in the brain, due to high blood pressure, put you at a much higher risk of stroke. Stroke is actually divided into two, namely hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic stroke. A stroke associated with ruptured blood vessels is called a hemorrhagic stroke. According to  health experts,  very high blood pressure, even for a short time, can cause hemorrhagic strokes.

Hemorrhagic stroke is also called intracerebral hemorrhage or ICH. It happens when the blood vessels burst and blood collects in the surrounding tissue to rupture.


1.  Lifestyle changes

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According to experts from the National Institutes of Health, people with mild strokes will be encouraged to make lifestyle changes. The goal is clear: to reduce the risk of developing TIA symptoms. These lifestyle changes include stopping smoking, exercising regularly, and eating healthy or nutritious balanced foods.

2.  Turmeric white

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White turmeric contains anti-lipid peroxide which is effective in treating heart disease, gout, and diabetes .


3. Green tea

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The tea  green  contains vitamin K, which can reduce blood pressure and drugs against heart disease. Green tea is also believed to reduce weight and prevent cholesterol.

4. Soursop leaves

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The leaves  soursop  are validators that can widen blood vessels blocked. Easy way to make medicine from natural ingredients using soursop leaves, prepare 5 pieces of leaves and boil them in boiling water, wait for the water to change color . After changing the color of natural medicine, soursop leaves can be eaten immediately in a warm state.

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