cranberry for testicular pain

Naturally relieve the pain of testicular microlithiasis

By On 19/10/2020

In the medical literature you can find another name for the disease - "starry sky". Such a definition may seem strange if you ignore its manifestations. During ultrasound diagnoses, the doctor can detect many small white spots located in the testicles. On a black background, they resemble the arrangement of stars in the sky. These asterisks are microcalcifications (small stones formed of calcium and desquamated epithelium of the seminiferous tubules). Neoplasms come in different shapes and sizes; they can be diffused or concentrated in a certain area. Here we will see a natural treatment for testicular microlithiasis.

Testicular microlithiasis is a fairly serious condition that doctors diagnose as a precursor to cancer. It not only affects adult men, but also young men during puberty. Pathology is detected, as a rule, by chance, during an ultrasound examination.

Natural treatment of microlithiasis

The natural treatment we offer to cure microlithase is completely natural and made up of plants and roots. Our treatment, unlike other traditional medicine treatments.

Testicular microlithiasis natural treatment

It is a treatment which, thanks to the natural compounds contained in plants, will cleanse the calcium deposit in the testicles and improve the quality of your sperm. This treatment therefore also protects you from male fertility disorders.

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Natural tips to reduce testicular pain

Usually, testicular pain is due to inflammation caused by sexually transmitted diseases that make the testicles swollen and painfulIn addition to antibiotics, you can treat testicular pain with the following ingredients.

  • Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice for testicular pain

If a urinary tract infection is causing testicular pain, drinking cranberry juice can help you heal. Drink cranberry juice for 4 days to treat naturally.

  • Turmeric


The high content of anti-inflammatory substances in turmeric is effective in stopping the inflammation that makes the testicles sore.

  • Betel leaf

Betel sheet for testicles

To treat testicular pain using betel leaves, stick the honey-coated betel leaves on the testicles. Leave it for 3-4 hours and wash it off. These leaves are helpful in reducing inflammation, pain, and infection in the area.

  • Olive oil

Mix the olive oil and the fish oil. Then apply to the testicles for 4-7 days every night. Then the infection will be reduced.

  • Shallot

Crush a few shallots then mix with sesame oil to form a paste. Then rub it on the testicles every night. Take 2-3 days to process it.

  • Banana blossom

You can also use banana blossoms to treat testicular pain. The trick is to take banana blossoms, dry them in the sun for 1 to 2 days, and then grind them into powder. After that, take 1 teaspoon of dried banana flowers and mix with lukewarm water. Then drink it on an empty stomach. This herb is believed to be helpful in overcoming testicular problems from the inside out.

Causes of testicular microlithiasis

The disease has no specific clinical manifestations. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend that men undergo periodic medical examinations. Microlithiasis is one of the most common causes of cancer in men under 40.

Despite the almost complete absence of symptoms, to prevent the disease, doctors managed to identify a group of provoking factors. These should include:

  • history of scrotal injury;
  • varicocèle;
  • inflammatory pathologies (for example, orchitis);
  • undergone chemotherapy;
  • torsion, testicular atrophy;
  • cryptorchidie;
  • congenital chromosomal abnormality;
  • false hermaphroditism;
  • surgical manipulations on the genitals.

Testicular microlithiasis in humans is found in 5% of cases during examination to identify the cause of infertility. People with a genetic predisposition to oncological processes should be regularly diagnosed. The likelihood of developing a tumor exists even in the absence of risk factors.

Diagnostic methods

The most informative method of diagnosing pathology is ultrasound examination. However, using an outdated device may skew the results. In this case, the urogenital sensor is an alternative. If this is not the case, it is recommended to resort to computed tomography.

If you suspect testicular microlithiasis, doctors advise using several diagnostic techniques in order to timely recognize small neoplasms. It can be:

  • diaphanoscopie;
  • Ultrasound of pelvic organs;
  • a blood test for tumor markers;
  • IRM.

After a complete examination of the body, the doctor receives a complete clinical picture. All the types of analyzes offered are gentle. They will not harm the physical condition of the young patient or his morale.