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Frigidite traitements naturels

What is frigidity? Causes, symptoms and natural treatments

By On 26/10/2020

What is frigidity?

Frigidity involves a lack of pleasure or pleasure in intercourse. This alteration, which can affect both men and women, appears especially in the female sex, affecting one in ten women.

In this article, we will learn about frigidity and possible natural treatments to fight this disease. Plus, we'll explain what its most common causes and symptoms are to help you identify if it's from the other sexual dysfunction.

This frigidity can exist from the start of sexual life (primary or total frigidity) or appear later (secondary or partial frigidity) and mainly affects women. Male frigidity also exists, but it is less common, so we will speak here exclusively of female frigidity.


What herbal treatment to increase sexual libido in women

 They activate the processes of sexual arousal and speed up the transmission of signals from nerve endings to the brain.

The natural ingredients in this tea stimulate blood flow to a woman's erogenous zones - the genitals and nipples.

Low Libido in Women: Herbal Treatment for Frigidity

What will this treatment offer you: 

  •  Sexual arousal
  • Stimulation of sensations
  • Prolongs intercourse
  • Free the mind
  • Regenerates female orgasm 
  • Tones the whole body

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What are the causes of female frigidity?


The causes are numerous and can be psychological or physiological:

- Traumatic events during childhood.
-Consequence of a strict education which devalued sexuality.

-Lack of self-confidence.
- Rise or brutality of the partner, who does not know how to act.
-Absence of feelings for the sexual partner.
-Malformation or genital dysfunction.
-Hormonal problems (due to lack of control or taking contraceptives).
-Take antidepressants, sleeping pills ...
-Some diseases (diabetes, multiple sclerosis ...).



As we have seen, the main symptom of frigidity is the lack of enjoyment or pleasure during sex. Thus, sex is not painful (as in dyspareunia), but simply does not produce pleasure on a psychological or sexual level.

In addition to this main symptom, and depending on the degree and intensity of the deterioration, other symptoms can accompany frigidity such as: discomfort in the couple, insecurities, anxiety, fears, rejection of interpersonal contacts, isolation , guilt, etc.


6 steps to naturally reduce frigidity in women


1. Do regular exercises

Exercise improves a woman's fitness, disposition and self-esteem, being useful in improving lubrication and blood supply to the genitals. In addition, during exercise, the body releases hormones such as adrenaline, norepinephrine and endorphins which provide energy, pleasure and well-being.

2. Perform Kegel Exercises

These exercises to contract and relax the pelvic muscles, located inside the vagina, increase the amount of blood reaching this area, improve the tone of these muscles , stretch the vagina and keep the cervix higher, so that the penis does not cause discomfort.

In addition, there is also the technique of Pompierism which improves sexual pleasure, increases libido and prevents the appearance of problems such as urinary or fecal incontinence. Find out how to practice this technique with Thai marbles.

3. Eat Aphrodisiac Foods
Foods like pepper, turmeric, ginger and ginseng promote hormonal production and improve blood circulation, promoting intimate contact. These should be consumed daily, if possible at all meals to generate the expected effect.

Another possibility is to use teas or supplements to spice up the relationship. See some examples in Home remedies to increase libido.

4. Increase intimate lubrication

A good strategy is to put a little water-based intimate lubricant on the genital area, before or during intimate contact, to reduce skin friction a bit. skin, which can cause discomfort in some couples.

5. Get Out in the Sun

Exposure to the sun in the early morning and late afternoon, after 4 pm, is harmless to health and increases absorption of vitamin D, strengthening bones. In addition to this, it also has benefits for female sexual health as it increases hormone production and also improves female self-esteem, promoting intimate contact.

6. Make Time To Be With Your Partner

Most women are more aroused and more interested in sexual contact when they are happy and satisfied with their relationship. Spending time together, watching a movie or going out for a walk or dancing helps a woman feel loved and appreciated, which makes her want to have sex more.

Additionally, affection expressed through physical contact or listening to affirming words also helps a woman feel more wanted. It is important that the couple learn to identify how the woman feels most loved, in order to create a strategy for increasing sexual desire.


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