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Ovarian cyst and Aloe vera: natural solution

By On 20/02/2020

Les feuilles de laloe

The ovarian cyst is a sac filled with fluid that develops on or in the ovary. Many women suffer from an ovarian cyst during their lifetime. Ovarian cysts, often painless, are very common and rarely serious.

Natural herbal treatment to cure ovarian cysts

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Natural herbal treatment for endometriosis

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Aloe is a popular herb among people that has real healing properties, including with cysts. In addition, the plant is widely used in traditional medicine, which once again proves its effectiveness. Aloe is considered an African herb and contains a large number of useful vitamins and minerals, as well as natural antioxidants. The plant has gained popularity and is actively used for various diseases. But what effect does the use of aloe with a cyst have - what are the recipes for it, and how effective is the plant in treating cysts? Let's answer these questions in order!

The aloe with a cyst is most often used in two forms - juice, tincture. Aloe tinctures are used for migraines, colds, muscle injuries, skin damage. However, the main direction where aloe is actively used is the healing of benign tumors - cysts.

Properties of aloe vera

In general, speaking of abstract cysts of our subject, the leaves of the plant contain useful substances that positively affect the condition of the human body. Aloe affects a person as follows:

  • suppresses inflammation;
  • normalizes the gastrointestinal tract;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • helps strengthen nails and hair;
  • lowers cholesterol ;
  • improves metabolism;
  • contributes to the treatment of gynecological diseases.

Aloe with ovarian cyst

Ovarian cyst - a disease in the field of gynecology, characterized by the formation of hollow tissue on the ovary and the accumulation of fluid inside. According to statistics, a modern woman is more prone to the formation of cysts than our parents and grandmothers.

A cyst on the ovary can manifest itself in different ways, but most often women under the age of 55 suffer from this disease. Large cysts can cause infertility , which is very dangerous for young girls.

Nowadays, when an ovarian cyst is detected, it is not necessary to perform an operation. This disease can be cured both with the help of medicines and with the help of traditional medicine.

The most effective treatments for aloe cysts are as follows:

  1. Aloe juice pads for cysts. The recipe is simple: to do this, moisten the swabs in freshly squeezed aloe and onion juice, mixing them in a ratio of 1 to 1. Such treatment should be carried out until the cyst ovarian is completely resorbed.
  2. Medicinal ointment with aloe vera  . To prepare a healing ointment, we need two teaspoons of wax and aloe juice, 150 grams of sea buckthorn oil and 3 hard-boiled eggs. Wax and oil should be brought to a boil over low heat. After boiling in the mass, it is necessary to pour aloe juice and add crushed egg yolks. After that, the whole consistency should be left on low heat for 3 minutes. After complete cooling, the ointment should be applied to the tampon and inserted into the vagina. This procedure should be done before bedtime. Treatment is carried out until full recovery.
  3. Aloe tincture against a cyst  . To prepare the tincture, you need to mix the juice and honey in equal proportions, then pour the cahors and mix well. The resulting tincture should be placed in a cold place for a week. Take this tool before each meal. The duration of treatment depends on the size of the cyst and lasts an average of 21 days. After completing a course, you need to take a break.
  4. Aloe injections  . Injections containing aloe extract are made with cystic formations of any kind, contributing to the rapid recovery and resorption of the cyst. In addition, injections with the addition of aloe are prescribed after surgical removal of cysts of the kidneys and ovaries, as they contribute to the accelerated regeneration of damaged tissues.

Aloe with a kidney cyst

Kidney cyst is a dangerous disease caused by inflammatory processes in this organ. In more severe cases of the disease, the kidney may be removed along with a benign tumor. Typically, a kidney tumor is diagnosed after an ultrasound , and the sooner the cystic mass can be removed, the easier it will be to treat.

To avoid surgery in the treatment of kidney cysts, people often resort to folk recipes, the main ingredient of which is aloe.

The only remedy that can be prepared from aloe with a kidney cyst is tincture. To prepare the tincture we need:

  • 250 grams of natural honey;
  • 100 ml of aloe juice;
  • 100 grams of chaga mushroom;
  • 30 grammes de dogrose, hypericum, absinthe;
  • 20 grams of pine buds;
  • 300 grams of natural or brandy Cahors.

First, you need to grind the chaga mushroom and soak it in water. After that, fill it with two liters of water and add all the herbs listed. After that, the mixture should be put on a small fire and boiled for an hour and a half. After boiling, the mixture is removed from the heat and cooled.

The cooled broth is placed in a warm place for 24 hours. After that, the tincture should be filtered through a small gauze and add honey and Cahors to it. Tincture before meals is taken in 1 tbsp. The duration of the procedure is 21 days with a mandatory break between courses of 1 week.

Contraindications to the use of aloe

While the healing properties of aloe with a cyst are truly amazing, this herb still has a number of negative effects. In some women, after applying aloe, dysbiosis may form, which disrupts the work of the vaginal microflora.

In some cases, when using tampons and ointments in a woman, her stomach may hurt and itch, or the inflammatory process may begin. At the slightest suspicion of complications, you should immediately see a doctor for help.

It is strictly forbidden to use aloe in such conditions:

  • with diseases of the bladder;
  • tuberculosis
  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • during pregnancy;
  • with hypertension;
  • with individual intolerance to aloe extract.

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