papaya seeds and hepatitis

Papaya seeds and hepatitis


By On 02/10/2020

Can You Treat hepatitis With Papaya Seeds?

The benefits of papaya seed to the body has been acknowledged by some health scientists. And its tremendous effect on the liver is well-known, however there is no scientific proof that papaya seeds can not be counted as a natural remedy for hepatitis. Nonetheless, it is very beneficial in detoxifying the liver, meanwhile, papaya leaf can also be a healing herb for many chronic liver diseases, jaundice and liver cirrhosis. In this article we will list the benefits of papaya seeds for the kidney and a papaya leaf juice recipe. 
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Gro​wn in the tropical regions, papaya is possibly one of the most loved fruits in the world. The yellowish orange fleshy fruit containing lots of seeds is replete with umpteen benefits. According to the book Healing Foods by DK Publishing House, papaya is “known to have antibacterial properties and promotes good digestion and almost every part of the plant can be used." Yes, every part! While the fruit is said to be rich in contents of vitamin E, C and beta-carotine making it loaded with antioxidant properties, the seeds are rich in fatty acids and papaya oil, have a sharp peppery flavour, and can be used in place of your spices. We tell also tell you the benefits of papaya leaf juice. 


Does Detoxifying the liver correct liver damages?

“Liver cleanses have not been proven to treat existing liver damage,” says Woreta, “but here is a natural treatment available for those who are affected due to hepatitis.”

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Natural Treatment against Hepatitis B and C

Remede naturel Hépatite B et C

Our natural remedy for hepatitis is much more effective than the drugs commonly used to fight hepatitis. These drugs do not fight the root of hepatitis that caused it. They can only prevent the symptoms of the disease, without destroying the virus. 
With this natural treatment the virus will have definitively disappeared and you will be completely cured. Trust us! This natural remedy is the secret to cure hepatitis B and C by plants. Our management is individualized. It will vary depending on your symptoms and expectations.

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Can a person with Hepatitis eat papaya seeds?

Yes, you can eat it perfectly, what is to be avoided during the acute phase of the disease and some days after convalescence, are mainly high-fat foods.  




The papaya seeds are known as “traditional healers treat”, and it acts as a magical bullet for the treatment of Liver, Kidney, Digestive diseases and many more. In this article, we present some important health benefits of papaya seeds.

“The papaya seeds have the numerous medicinal properties”
YES!!! You read it right!! 


Papaya seeds: Detoxification of Liver

Liver Detoxification Pathways - Ask The Scientists

Papaya seeds detoxify the liver easily within a month and increase the appetite mainly in elderly, children and alcoholic patients. Papaya seeds prevent free radical production in the liver cell and easily generate the new cells.
Papaya seeds consist of myrosinase (an enzyme), it activates the cytochrome P 450 isoenzymes in the liver. Papaya seed contains papain, it has the ability to dissolve and clean out the dead tissues without altering the activity of the good cells. This traditional therapy has been used for only 3 weeks and restarts again after one week. During this therapy, water intake is approximately 3-4 liters daily.


How to get papaya leaf juice?

How To Use Papaya Leaves To Treat Dengue Patients - HTV

If you don't have access to papaya leaf juice can, you can get it in the form of supplements over-the-counter in your nearby pharmacy. However, it is better to get access to real papaya leaf juice for dengue treatment.

For preparing papaya leaf juice, you need to wash papaya leaf thoroughly. You can also cut off the stem. You need to cut the leaf like you would chop cabbage. Add some boiled water that is cooled, to it. Add the leaves to a blender and juice these leaves. You will get a dark-green coloured liquid.

Papaya leaf juice is likely to have a very bitter taste. After drinking it, you can give the patient some jaggery or a pinch of sugar to improve taste.

For adults, 30 ml of papaya juice before breakfast, 30 ml before lunch and 30 ml before dinner. Children can be given 5 to 10 ml of papaya juice, but make sure this is done strictly under medical supervision. You will have to prepare this juice, fresh, every day. You should not store it for more than 24 hours. Make sure you store the juice in the fridge in an airtight container. Store it in the lower part of the fridge to prevent it from getting too cold.


Here is a round up of some benefits you can reap of papaya leaf juice 

papaya-leaf-juice - Stress Buster

1. Treats Dengue fever

A common remedy that is advised by all to dengue patients is papaya leaf juice. Dengue is caused by infected Aedes mosquitoes, who transmit the disease into our blood. Dengue fever severely brings down the blood platelet count, and the extracts from papaya leaf are known to help increase the count.
Bangalore-based nutritionist, Dr. Sheela Krishnaswamy says, "Studies have proved that papaya leaf juice contributes significantly in the production of platelets and increase the platelet count."
2. Anti-Malarial Properties

Papaya leaves have strong anti-malarial properties. A compound found in papaya leaf is acetogenin, which can help prevent dangerous disease like malaria and dengue.
3. Good for Liver

Just as papaya, papaya leaf juice also acts as a potent cleansing agent for the liver, thereby healing many chronic liver diseases, jaundice and liver cirrhosis.

4. Supports Digestion

The book Healing Food mentions how “papaya contains enzymes papain and chymonpapain. Both have been shown to aid digestion, prevent constipation and clean the colon. Papain is also helpful in healing and preventing stomach ulcers.” 

Papaya leaves are also rich in protease and amylase. These enzymes help break down proteins, carbs and minerals aiding digestion. Its high anti-inflammatory properties also reduce the inflammation of stomach and colon. The juice can also heal peptic ulcers by killing bacteria H.Pylori owing to its antimicrobial properties. 

5. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Papaya leaf juice can work wonders for diabetics as well, as it regulates the production of insulin, which in turn checks blood sugar levels. Its strong antioxidant nature also helps to bring down the consequent complications of diabetes like kidney damage and fatty liver.

6. Cure to Your Menstrual Pain

Are you a victim of excruciating menstrual cramps and lower abdominal pain during your periods? Papaya leaf juice works wonders to ease the menstrual flow and reduce the pain. Drinking this juice also brings down PMS symptoms. Its potent healing properties balance hormones, and regulate menstruation cycles. You can try this concoction to treat your menstrual pain: take one papaya leaf, a pinch of salt and tamarind, mix them all in a glass of water and bring it to boil. This juice should ease your pain greatly.

To conclude:

Papaya seeds may not be able to treat hepatitis, however, it is a good friend of your liver. More importantly, papaya leaf juice can prove very beneficial in treat liver diseases (hepatitis). 

Here is a natural treatment available for those who are affected due to hepatitis. Click here