Stimulation naturelle des ovaires avec des herbes

Natural stimulation of the ovaries with herbs!

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Women in the middle of her life go through menopause, in which the menstrual cycle stops and the production of the hormone estrogen decreases, and so the ovulation process stops, causing her to be depressed, and among the diseases that affect a woman's ovaries, polycystic ovaries, and this causes a disorder in the ovulation process, and hence the ovaries become inactive, which leads to menstruation disorder and delayed pregnancy when women resort to constant medical examinations, scans and exams, and at that time, they may overlook alternative medicine, which is the herbal treatment that stimulates and strengthens the ovaries.


However, the experts at  African plants  have a natural herbal treatment to improve the quality of your ovulation and allow you to  get pregnant quickly


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3 herbs to stimulate the ovaries:

1- Red mulberry leaf grass:

This herb strengthens the uterine wall, and stimulates the work of the ovaries by regulating hormones, thanks to the minerals and vitamins it contains.

2- Nettle grass:

Nettle herb is characterized by the presence of minerals and vitamins beneficial to the body in high proportions, in addition to chlorophyll, which regulates hormones in the body and stimulates the ovaries.

3- Oat straw grass: 

It contains high levels of beneficial substances, therefore it helps to regulate the work of the glands responsible for the secretion of hormones in the body, and thus to stimulate the ovaries.


Ovarian stimulation only with needles:
In case the Clomid pill fails to stimulate the ovaries, needles for ovarian stimulation are used along with monitoring the growth of the eggs.


  • The simplest and most common is  the gynecological examination  which sometimes makes one feel the ovaries during the  touch  vagina if the woman is thin.
  • It is often supplemented by ultrasound which is the main examination that allows you to visualize the ovaries perfectly.
  • The dosage of estrogen and progesterone as well as FSH and LH helps to ensure the proper hormonal function of the ovary. These dosages should be performed at particular times in the cycle. It may be necessary to verify it in a specialized department by stimulating ovarian activity.
  • Laparoscopy is a way to directly visualize the ovary and possibly to take a biopsy.
  • The scanner and the MRI allow a more precise analysis of the tissues.


  • The ovary can become infected. It  is ovaritis.
  • A tumor can grow at its expense. It can be benign like cysts or malignant (cyst or solid tumor) like cancer.
  • The ovary may have hormonal dysfunction: polycystic ovaries, luteal insufficiency.
  • Aging is especially what threatens the ovary the most because the number of eggs in the ovary is fixed once and for all. This explains why eggs age over time, and why women over 40 have a harder time getting pregnant and the risk of miscarriages and chromosomal abnormalities increases with age.

 Place your order on: 0022999546463 (Tel / WhatsApp)