Garlic and coronary diseases: case of angina pectoris

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Garlic and angina

What is angina pectoris

- Angina pectoris (or angina pectoris) is a chronic course of coronary heart disease (CHD), when there is a narrowing of the lumen of the vessels that supply the heart muscle. All this because from the inside they "grow" with cholesterol (fat) plaques.

These "growths" interfere with normal blood flow and heart nutrition. There is a great danger that a thrombus, a blood clot, will attach itself to the plaque. So there is a huge risk of heart attack!

Coronary artery disease can be manifested by various heart rhythm disturbances. Extrasystoles can occur - individual interruptions, disturbance of the heart rhythm before atrial fibrillation, more rare cases - the development of heart block.

What is important? With angina at rest, a person does not feel discomfort. But once you start walking up the stairs, down the hill, actively working physically - you feel a feeling of heaviness, pressure, chest pain. This happens because with an increase in heart rate, the heart needs a larger volume of oxygen and the affected coronary vessels cannot supply this volume for it.

Our natural treatment

Here we offer you a mixture of seeds, roots and bark from Africa that help prevent and  fight against angina  and coronary heart disease. These plants  are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against this disease. Their use against chest pain is much more effective than chemotherapy .

Our natural remedy for angina pectoris  contains  plants whose active ingredients aim to help the heart  by relaxing the smooth muscles of the arteries. It therefore allows the arteries to dilate, allowing you to increase blood flow and reduce the pressure on the artery walls. 

The effect of herbal tea acts on the prevention of blood clots, inhibition of calcification of blood vessels and lowering of cholesterol levels, prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. 

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Herbal tea remedy to treat angina pectoris

Garlic Angina Treatment

Like hawthorn, garlic has a special place in the treatment of angina pectoris. It is ineffective at precisely fighting angina, but it seriously helps prevent coronary heart disease, as it fights atherosclerosis and cholesterol plaques.


  • Take 200-300 grams of peeled garlic cloves in the pulp and mix with the same amount of honey. The mixture is sealed in a jar and infused for at least a week. The intake is carried out daily three times before meals in a tablespoon (30-40 minutes). The course can last up to 3 months.

Healthy lifestyle and prevention of angina

In addition to folk remedies for the prevention of angina, you can use quite familiar rules and recommendations:

  • Stop smoking and do not abuse alcohol;
  • Get rid of excess weight and follow a high cholesterol diet;
  • Exercise daily.

You can also add breathing exercises to this list.

Breathing exercises for the prevention of angina pectoris

The courses on the breathing simulator and breathing exercises are mainly aimed at improving blood circulation. Therefore, in the fight against angina, training the respiratory system is one of the first treatments.

Breathing exercises dilate blood vessels, lead to improved blood microcirculation, due to increased production of oxygen in body tissues and its entry into myocardial cells. In this case, the overload in the work of the myocardium is suppressed, which leads to a decrease in the frequency of angina attacks.

You can do this, and preferably permanently. You will notice the effect 3-4 months after starting the course. You can skip training due to above normal high blood pressure, poor health, exacerbation of chronic diseases. In this case, the training should be skipped or rescheduled a few hours later.

If you decide to do treatment for angina at home, in any case do not refuse to consult a doctor. A competent specialist will help you choose the right drugs and combine them with your folk remedies. They will also be able to monitor your condition, which is extremely important in choosing the right method of treatment.

Remember that folk medicine is an effective tool, but it cannot completely replace the drug effect. Therefore, be sure to consult a doctor, stay healthy, and subscribe to our blog to read interesting material on various diseases.

The benefits of garlic for heart health

Garlic adds flavor and flavor to your meals, and if you take it medicinally, it has a reputation for helping protect and keep the heart system functioning properly. Here is what you can do for your health!

1. Garlic prevents atherosclerosis

You already know the harmful effects of hypercholesterolemia: the appearance of a stroke or atherosclerosis, by its deposition on the blood vessels and by hindering blood circulation. Garlic, taken as is with a little water or crushed and mixed with honey, lowers bad cholesterol and thins the blood. To reduce the odor, you can chew anise or cumin seeds.

2. Green garlic detoxifies the blood

Compared to dried garlic, green garlic contains phytohormones, hormonal substances that help flush toxins from the body. When the body is full of toxins, vital organs no longer function properly and you experience allergies, poor immunity, headaches, fatigue. Detoxifying the blood helps flush out toxins and helps better transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, allowing internal organs to function optimally. This is why a three month cure with green garlic will be useful.

3. Garlic tincture for hypertension

Thanks to a substance - allicin - garlic has the power to prevent strokes and lower blood pressure. Allicin is released when garlic is chopped or crushed. It dilates the walls of the blood vessels and as a result lowers blood pressure. Garlic also has a diuretic action, and by reducing the water retained in the body, blood pressure is reduced. And garlic tincture is a good supplement for lowering blood pressure.

4. Garlic oil, against heart attacks

Another substance found in garlic oil - diallyl trisulfide - protects the heart from heart attack and restores coronary tissues. Garlic oil is found in the form of gelatin capsules.