How to naturally cure cryptozoospermia?

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How to naturally cure cryptozoospermia?

Recently, the problem of infertility has become a real scourge across the world. In a situation where in the family, despite all the attempts to have a child, none of them succeeds, the reason lies in the violation of fertility in one of the spouses. In most cases, it is customary to talk about female infertility, but one should not be so categorical: male infertility also has its place.

According to statistics, one in five men with impaired fertility revealed a disease of cryptozoospermia, characterized by the fact that in the ejaculate of a man there is an extremely low number of germ cells. This disease, the causes of its occurrence, symptoms and methods of treatment will be discussed later.

Causes of cryptozoospermia

As with most diseases of the male reproductive system, the causes of the appearance and further development of cryptozoospermia are as follows:

  • injuries of the inguinal region and scrotum;
  • genital infections
  • hormonal disorders;
  • mumps transferred at an advanced age;
  • diseases of the genital appendages;
  • long-term influence of bad habits (alcohol, smoking) and external factors (harmful production);
  • radioactive effects on the body;
  • genetic abnormalities;

You are male and you have cryptozoospermia, don't panic! we offer you a herbal treatment that will help you fight your cryptozoospermia.

Natural therapy

Our natural treatment is the secret to curing it naturally and without side effects.

The natural treatment that we offer you to cure cryptozoospermia consists of natural herbal teas. It is a natural, effective, and long-lasting remedy that will allow you to overcome your cryptozoospermia. These herbs are recognized as being the most effective in the world in curing disorders associated with sperm production. They help improve the quality and quantity of sperm. These herbs will also help your body adjust to stressful situations and will also support a healthy immune system.

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Symptoms of cryptozoospermia

As a rule, cryptozoospermia does not have any characteristic symptoms. In most cases, men can begin to suspect that they are having trouble after all methods of checking a woman's fertility have been exhausted.

Therefore, if infertility is suspected, both partners, and not just the fair sex, should see a doctor for a consultation.

With cryptozoospermia, an erection and the ability to conduct a normal process of sexual intercourse remain without visible changes, no external manifestations are observed, nor are there any pain or other uncomfortable manifestations such as itching. or burns in the penile area.

Due to the fact that no visible manifestations are observed, it is only possible to make a diagnosis after special analysis.

Diagnosis of cryptozoospermia

For the diagnosis of cryptozoospermia, laboratory methods are used, in particular, the delivery of spermogram. To confirm the diagnosis, a spermogram is administered 2-3 times and the following conditions must be observed:

  • before taking the test, abstinence from sexual intercourse for 3-4 days is recommended;
  • during the same period abstinence from drinking alcohol, smoking and taking medication;
  • during the same period, avoid visiting sauna, bath, and other thermal procedures, and also avoid long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays.

In cases where it is determined that the vas deferens is partially or completely impassable, a biopsy of the epididymis is recommended.

Cryptozoospermia can be accompanied by other diseases of the reproductive system, and all of them require competent treatment.

Medical treatment of cryptozoospermia

As a rule, if a man is diagnosed with cryptozoospermia, the probability of conception is close to zero. In order for a man to conceive naturally, treatment with cryptozoospermia is necessary, however, its success depends on many factors and conditions.

Sometimes there is only one outcome: in vitro fertilization or IVF (in vitro fertilization). It should be borne in mind that if the patient does not have his healthy and mobile sperm, the germ cells of the donor can be used for artificial insemination.

In the case of the discovery of cryptozoospermia at the initial stage, the chances of successful treatment are quite high. As mentioned above, cryptozoospermia is accompanied by other diseases, and therefore the choice of methods of treatment and therapy will be determined taking this into account. If it is determined that the cause of cryptozoospermia is an infectious disease, treatment with antibiotics or other drugs is prescribed to help cope with the causative agent of the infectious disease.

When the cause of the development of cryptozoospermia is varicocele, surgery is recommended.

A significant impact on the success of treatment is the rejection of bad habits, the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, as well as the correction of the diet, aimed at reducing or completely eliminating the products that contribute to the increase of cholesterol.

After treatment, the patient resumes spermograms and the necessary indicators are evaluated. If, based on the results of the analysis, a conclusion is drawn about the failure of treatment, doctors recommend using methods of artificial insemination. However, no one guarantees conception here the first time, according to statistics, only a third of couples who expressed a desire to conceive a child by artificial means were able to immediately become happy parents.

Thus, cryptozoospermia is not a phrase, modern medicine will be able to find a way out and allow spouses to experience the joy of motherhood and fatherhood.

Natural ways to increase sperm count

The small number of sperm at the time of ejaculation can make it difficult for a man to have offspring. But certain herbs can help men naturally increase sperm count.

The condition of a small amount of semen during ejaculation is also called oligospermia or oligozoospermia. Oligospermia occurs when a man's sperm count is below 20 million / ml and this condition can be a major risk factor for infertility or impotence.

"In every 1ml of semen there should be 20 million sperm. Or the minimum sperm count for fertile men is 40 million sperm in which 75 percent must live

There are various factors that cause oligospermia, such as the use of certain medications, hormonal changes, alcohol consumption, high temperature in the genital area, and severe fever.

Here are some herbs that can increase sperm count in men with cryptozoospermia:

1 onion

Oignon rouge 1268 12406

Onion is one of the important natural remedies for treating cryptozoospermia. Shallots are a powerful aphrodisiac food that can better promote the function of reproductive organs. Patients with cryptozoospermia are advised to include onions in their daily diet to reduce the risk of infertility.

2. Garlic


Garlic is a natural remedy used for the treatment of cryptozoospermia. It is an aphrodisiac recommended for the repair and treatment of oligospermia. Eat 4 to 5 cloves of garlic per day.

3. okra


Okra is a natural remedy which is commonly used for the conditions of cryptozoospermia. Okra root extract is generally available in the market for medicinal purposes. This root extract powder mixed with a cup of milk can help increase fertility.

4. Asparagus roots

Asperge des bois ou aspergette

High concentrations of zinc and iron in asparagus roots are one of the best drugs for extreme oligospermia. Spermatogenic enriched with asparagus root extract helps cure impotence. Patients with cryptozoospermia are often advised to consume asparagus root extract twice a day for good results.

5. Blackcurrant

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Black currants are also an herbal remedy used for the treatment of. After washing with hot water, it is recommended to boil black grapes with milk. Patients are advised to drink a cup of warm milk after consuming these raisins.

Natural methods to improve the quality of sperm

  • First of all, you need to take care of a healthy lifestyle, that is, plenty of rest, increased physical activity, avoid stress
  • Second, it is necessary to eliminate or at least reduce the harmful effects of environmental factors and dangerous addictions, such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, coffee and taking other stimulants.
  • Third, a proper diet rich in vegetables, including legumes, fruits, nuts, pumpkin seeds, liver, and green tea. To increase sperm motility, doctors also recommend eating foods rich in zinc, selenium, carnitine, as well as vitamins C and E. (The excess of harmful fats, contained for example in crisps, purchased cakes or fast food, lowers the parameters of the sperm.)
  • Fourth, fight obesity, lose weight and improve overall health
  • Fifth, the testicles should not be overheated, so hot baths, saunas and hot tubs should be avoided. It is good to wear breathable underwear, and if we have a sedentary job - from time to time, get up and walk (preferably in the fresh air).

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