Testicular atrophy how to recognize and treat it naturally


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There are several potential reasons for the testicular atrophy, including aging, underlying medical conditions, or infections.

In this article, learn more about how to recognize testicular atrophy and ways to treat  this underlying medical condition naturally.






Testicular atrophy occurs when the testes shrink. The testes are two male reproductive glands located in the scrotum just behind the penis. These glands are responsible for creating sperm.


How to recognize testicular atrophy? 


Testicular atrophy is the decrease in the size of the testes. The cells of the organ become smaller, and as a result, the entire testis becomes smaller. The main symptom of testicular atrophy is the  difference in size between the testes. The atrophied testicle is usually smaller or softer than the other. 

The causes of testicular atrophy are varied and can occur due to compression of organs, lack of hormonal stimuli, disturbances of local blood circulation, loss of innervation, inflammation, among others.

One of the main causes of testicular atrophy is varicocele,  which are varicose veins in the testicles. It is an abnormal dilation of the veins of the spermatic cord, responsible for the emptying of blood from the testes. As a result, blood stagnates in the testicle and circulation is compromised, which can lead to organ atrophy.

Testicular atrophy can occur in almost half of patients who, during childhood, suffered from orchitis (inflammation of the testis) caused by the dacaxumba virus.

Another cause of testicular atrophy is the torsion of the testicle, which blocks blood flow to the organ. The main symptom is severe pain, which does not improve with nothing. If not diagnosed in time, the torsion can progress to necrosis, which is the death of the testicles from lack of blood.


The natural treatment for testicular atrophy


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Testicular atrophy treat naturally

Our natural remedy for increasing the size of the testicles is herbal tea. This herbal tea contains the best plants in the world to increase the size of your testicles, boost your libido, your virility and your testosterone. This herbal tea will also improve the quality and quantity of your semen. Unlike testicular surgery which can lead to a significant inflammatory reaction, which leads to the loss of the testicle, our herbal tea has no side effects.


SOME Ways to maintain Male Reproductive Health



  • Stop smoking and alcoholic beverages

Men who like to smoke and consume excess alcoholic beverages are at risk of  decreasing sperm production and  quality. As a result, fertility rates will also decrease, making it difficult for offspring.

  • Maintain the weight

Male fertility can also be reduced if you are having weight issues. This is because poor nutritional status can affect the quality of sperm, thus reducing male fertility. To find out if your weight is normal, you can calculate it with a body mass index calculator.

  • Keep the testicle cool

The number of sperm can be determined by the temperature of the testis. To increase the chances of obtaining offspring, the testes should be at a temperature of around 34.5 degrees Celsius or lower than other parts of the body, which is around 37 degrees Celsius. There are several ways to lower the temperature of the testicles.

  • Limit hot baths.

If work requires you to sit quietly for hours on end, take a short break to get up and walk to another location.
If you are working in a hot place, take a few moments to be in a cool place.
Wear comfortable pants that are not too tight.

  • Avoid exposure to toxins

Avoid exposure to dangerous poisons, such as pesticides, heavy metals, including lead and mercury, and radioactive substances. Exposure to these substances may reduce your fertility rate.

  • Healthy consumption

The quality of sperm can be obtained by eating healthy foods and by doing regular exercise. But avoid excessive exercise, as it can trigger the body to release steroid hormones, thereby affecting fertility. 

  • Have regular sex

A healthy penis is erect on a regular basis. When it is erect, oxygen in the blood fills the penis and makes it tense. Having sex regularly, especially when a partner is in the fertile window is one way to get a baby.

  • Practice safe sex

To maintain your reproductive health, avoid risky sexual behavior by switching partners and perform regular health checks to detect sexually transmitted diseases.

The  penile circumcision skin   can be a breeding ground for bacteria. There are at least 42 types of bacteria found in the skin of the penis. To prevent bacteria from multiplying, circumcision may be the solution, as the folds of the foreskin on the uncircumcised penis may become a place where bacteria breed. According to several studies, circumcision can offer various health benefits, including:

  • There are fewer types of bacteria in circumcised men than in uncircumcised men.
  • Circumcision is also associated with a lower risk of getting  HIV, penile cancer, HPV infection, and urinary tract infections. The WHO even recommends circumcision as an effort to prevent HIV.


Tribulus Terrestris: natural solution to testicular atrophy


Tribulus terrestris is usually taken as an extract or capsule. You should not take your plant in its fresh form and try to brew tea. It is interesting to take each of the three doses of tribulus during the main meals.

For men, the orientation is to take tribulus for four to six weeks and then take a break at the same time.

The recommendation is to ingest three doses of tribulus terrestris per day according to the advice of the specialist who indicated this herbal medicine.

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