Natural treatment of hyperprolactinemia

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Hyperprolactinemia is a condition in which a person has higher than normal levels of the hormone prolactin in the blood. Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland, a pea-sized gland located at the base of the brain.

The main function of prolactin is to stimulate the production of breast milk after childbirth, which is why high levels of prolactin are expected during pregnancy. Prolactin also affects the levels of the sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) in women and men.



Natural treatment of hyperprolactinemia


Our highly effective natural herbal treatment to cure excess prolactin in the blood (hyperprolactinemia). These are herbal teas in the form of powder which inhibit the secretion of prolactin and reduce the tumor mass in varying proportions. Likewise, they will boost the quality of your ovulation. The treatment also improves the functioning of the thyroid gland.

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Best diet for hyperprolactinemia

What to eat to decrease prolactin?

Eating a variety of foods high in fatty acids is the key to keeping your hormones in check. Your body needs different types of fat to make hormones, including saturated fat and cholesterol.

These fats are not the only building blocks for hormone production. They also keep inflammation levels low, boost your metabolism, and promote weight loss. Healthy fats have the opposite effect of refined carbohydrates, which lead to inflammation and can upset hormonal balance.

The best sources of anti-inflammatory and healthy fats are coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, and wild salmon.

  • Coconut oil

what to eat to decrease prolactin

Coconut oil has natural antibacterial properties and great fat burning results.

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what to eat to decrease prolactin

The benefits of avocado include improving heart health, reducing inflammation, and controlling appetite. In addition, it contributes to the essential daily intake of fiber and nutrients such as potassium.

  • Pure virgin olive oil

what to eat to decrease prolactin

Pure virgin olive oil contains substances that can reduce genes and proteins that cause inflammation. Chronic inflammation is usually fairly mild and takes years or decades to cause damage.

Consuming plenty of extra virgin olive oil can prevent its occurrence, which reduces the risk of various inflammatory diseases. Especially heart disease and stroke.

Olive oil is very high in monounsaturated fat and contains vitamins E and K, but also antioxidants, which have strong health benefits.

  • Salmon

Salmon is also impressive as a food because it is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are known to reduce inflammation and help improve cognitive function.

Omega-3 fatty acids are an important component for the membranes of brain cells and also important for cell communication in the brain. Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids help protect against loss of hippocampal neurons and reduce pro-inflammatory responses.

The important thing is to get rid of the oils in your body that contain unhealthy fats, such as sunflower oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, and soybeans.

Add rich sources of natural omega-3s like wild fish, chia seeds, flax seeds, avocado, olive oil and nuts.

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What causes elevated prolactin?

what to eat to decrease prolactin

The hormone prolactin secreted during pregnancy causes the mammary gland to expand and milk to form. However, if there is no pregnancy, high levels of prolactin indicate the presence of certain problems. Among the causes of elevated prolactin, also called hyperprolactinemia, is the presence of a benign tumor in the pituitary gland, which is defined as prolactinoma, polycystic ovary syndrome, kidney and liver disease. Pituitary microadenomas, that is, benign tumors smaller than 1 cm and tumors larger than 1 cm, defined as macroadenomas, cause hyperprolactinemia. 

The diagnosis of these tumors is made by MRI taken by a radiologist. Micro and macroadenomas are mainly treated with drugs without surgery. However, pituitary tumors that cannot be treated with drugs, or that are much larger and compress the optic nerve, are removed surgically. 

At the same time, hyperprolactinemia is observed with the effect of the hormone TRH, which secretes thyrotropin, when the thyroid gland, known as hypothyroidism, works less. Causes such as breast massage, strenuous exercise, and insomnia also lead to increased levels of the hormone prolactin. Other conditions that cause high prolactin levels are as follows:

  • Use of tight underwear
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Side effects of antidepressants and other drugs used
  • Pituitary gland tumor
  • Lung cancer
  • unbalanced diet
  • Anorexia
  • Breast trauma
  • Endocrinological problems

In addition, continuous stimulation of the breast to check for milk in the nipple can also lead to increased prolactin levels and milk production.

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What are the causes of high prolactin levels?

The hormone prolactin, which allows breast tissue to grow and prepare for milk production during pregnancy, helps the breast to secrete milk by stimulating postpartum. However, prolactin levels which increase in women outside of pregnancy and the puerperium; It causes problems like menstrual irregularity, menstruation, infertility, decreased sexual desire, milk, transparent or white discharge from the nipple, painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness. 

In men, it causes sexual anorexia, erection problems, infertility, reduction in body hair and rarely nipple discharge due to hyperprolactinemia. It can also cause headaches and vision problems which affect a person's normal life.

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How is high prolactin diagnosed?

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In the presence of complaints such as breast enlargement and pain, sexual reluctance, infertility, headaches, vision problems, menstrual irregularities or cuts, milk or discharge from the nipple to the breast. At normal time or when the nipple is squeezed, the doctor listens to the story and performs a physical exam. 

Medications used in the history and existing stressors should be shared with the doctor. Then the level of prolactin in the blood is checked by a laboratory test. However, because prolactin levels can go down and up during the day, it is important to check the blood test in the morning when the hormone prolactin levels are high. 

In addition, the day before the blood test, the nipple is not stimulated. Not having sex is also important for an accurate measurement of prolactin levels. If an elevation of prolactin is detected in the blood, hormonal tests and X-ray imaging are done to determine the cause.