The best plants for fatty liver disease

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Hepatic steatosis is also known as fatty liver disease. It happens when fat builds up in the liver. It is normal to have small amounts of fat in the liver, but too much can be a health problem. The liver is the second largest organ in the body. It helps process nutrients from food and drink and removes harmful substances from the blood. High liver fat can cause inflammation of the liver, which in turn can damage the liver and cause scarring. In severe cases, this scar can lead to liver failure.

To prevent and treat fatty liver disease, most patients prefer to use herbal medicines and methods. What to eat and what are the best herbs to get rid of fatty liver and the best way to treat fatty liver.

The best ways to prevent and treat fatty liver disease with herbal remedies and nutrition

The best way to treat fatty liver disease and prevent dangerous and fatal fatty liver disease is to use traditional medicine and herbal remedies. The path that everyone follows with confidence, without pain and without complications! To stay healthy against fatty liver disease and to treat fatty liver disease, you need to change your diet and use sweats and natural foods to move your body towards health.

Plants to treat fatty liver disease

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What causes fatty liver disease?

Who has fatty liver?

  1. Those with diabetes and type one or two insulin diabetes. They suffer from fatty liver disease because of their insulin or milky crystal insulin.
  2. People taking certain chemical drugs which have an adverse effect on the liver. Antibiotics, in particular, dry pus without a specialist's prescription, without proven infection or internal pus. 
  3. Obesity, overweight, in fat, when blood triglycerides increase, grease the liver.
  4. Those who consume a lot of fat, fry, spit, smell can cause several diseases, even eye irritation and itching, and one is fatty liver disease.
  5. People who eat a lot of scrambled or soft-boiled eggs suffer from several conditions, including fatty liver disease.
  6. Those with the wrong self-medication are already losing weight quickly. For example, they lose more than two pounds per week. This has side effects, besides stroke it also fat the liver.
  7. People who consume contaminated water, contaminated milk, or leftover liver from sheep or cattle have fatty liver because each piece of black liver contains half a kilo of a pound and bad cholesterol. It is true that it is halal meat and there is nothing wrong with eating it, but city life and sedentary life are not compatible with it. If such a person eats one or two skewers of liver, it is clear that his liver is fatty. Bad blood cholesterol increases.

Best herbs for fatty liver disease

Milk thistle


The   silymarin contained in the extracts of this plant protect the liver against toxins , regenerate, have anti-inflammatory and protective properties. Milk should be used both as herbal tea, as a food supplement in capsules (or as a liver treatment available without a prescription in tablets (eg SYLIMAROL 70® mg). It is also worth going more away and use preparations that detoxify not only the liver, but also the whole body Detox Sylimarol® is a dietary supplement that, in addition to milk thistle fruit extract, also contains horsetail, leaves nettle and birch with detoxifying properties and cleansing of toxins.

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Artichoke against hepatic steatosis

a positive effect on the liver extracts of artichoke leaves and roots rich in cynarin . It is a choleretic compound that lowers blood cholesterol levels. It improves the work of the liver and facilitates digestion . 



used in a reduction of cholagogic and mild laxative hepatic acts. Dandelion extracts help detoxify the body by removing harmful substances through the kidneys.

Herbal infusions for the treatment of fatty liver disease

1- Drinking an infusion of sage is also effective. Gradual weight loss and daily exercise can be very helpful in the treatment of fatty liver disease. Note, however, that sudden weight loss can make this problem worse.

Sage versus foie gras

2 Peppermint is the element that is the same as the  onion  ordinary and  the  onion  mouse, and the Arabs call basil.

Mint versus foie gras

3- Leek, sage and chicory vegetable sweat is one of the effective medicinal plants to control and treat fatty liver disease.  Due to their cold and wet nature, these herbal drinks reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood and at the same time help to cleanse the liver and the body of toxins and wastes.

Some recommendations for treating fatty liver disease. 

1- The first recommendation is to improve nutrition and lifestyle. Cutting down on fatty meats and sugars and consuming more fruits and vegetables is a very useful general recommendation.

2- Replacement of meat with soy. Replace dinner with a salad consisting of carrots, cabbage, lettuce, horseradish, radish, vinegar, apple, juice, avoiding drinking water between meals, using more garlic, onion, fresh vegetables, lemon and apple in the diet Daily is very useful.

3. Eat a handful of apricot leaves every day

4- Eat 7 chicory leaves or a glass of chicory sweat

5- Another way to treat fatty liver disease and reduce fat absorption in the body is to consume ginger in the weekly diet. People who use ginger 2-3 times per week can benefit from its healing properties by increasing metabolism and reducing fat absorption. For this you can grate a piece of ginger in a bowl of yogurt and eat it after meals.

6- Eat half a gram of saffron, which is both a prevention and a remedy

7- Drinking a glass of water containing the juice of a fresh lemon at the start of the day can be the best remedy to prevent fatty liver disease. Because lemon is rich in vitamin C and as an antioxidant can play an effective role in the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body, it has great potential in the prevention and treatment of fatty liver disease.

8- Berries. These delicious fruits of different types are one of the rich sources of antioxidants, this type of fruit is rich in antioxidants and repairs the liver. Use berries to remove fat from liver cells.

9- Drinking green tea or using the extract of this medicinal plant has a great effect in preventing the accumulation and deposition of fat around the liver, while helping to speed up the healing process of fatty liver disease. People at high risk of contracting the disease, such as obese and sedentary people, can prevent the disease by including green tea in their daily diet, provided that in addition to drinking green tea, a rich diet Include vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Foods to take to prevent and speed up recovery from fatty liver disease

Foods that are healthy for the liver: water, fruit, sour lemons, 4 to 5 units of vegetables per day, natural pickles (like barberry or chard, which is the best medicine), citrus fruits, whole grains. Peas, apples, berries, grapes, celery, cinnamon, cilantro, saffron, mung bean, fenugreek, olives, ginger, turmeric, figs, lettuce, spinach, carrots, barberry and squash.

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