Constipation: herbal solution

Constipation is a very common problem for everyone. A person can be considered constipated if they have fewer than three stools in a week.

Constipation: herbal solution

Our natural remedy for constipation is made entirely from 100% natural herbs. These plants are known for their emollient quality (which softens) and which promotes the evacuation of hard stools. They increase the hydration of stools as well as their volume and modify their consistency, which facilitates intestinal transit.

These plants also have mild laxative properties. Their big advantages are that they can treat constipation in children and adults without side effects. In addition to this, our herbal tea rids the body of its impurities and toxins and helps to lose weight. It is a very powerful natural laxative.

This natural remedy is the miracle solution to end constipation. Obviously, who says curing constipation also says changing his habits, especially food.

Duration of treatment:  Our natural treatment for constipation lasts 1 month. Do not be afraid. It is the solution that will allow you to end constipation for good. Our support is individualized. It will vary depending on your symptoms and your expectations.

Types of constipation

Constipation can be of several types:

●  Constipation caused by eating  - poor eating habits can make it difficult to pass stool. These include low intake of fiber (vegetables, grains, fruits, flour) and fluids, excessive administration of diuretics or supplements that strengthen fecal matter (iron, calcium, aluminum), and excess meat, pizza, fried foods, coffee, spices, rice, alcohol, etc.
●  Atonic constipation  - caused by slowing of the activity of the intestinal muscles and difficulty in digestion. It can come from several causes, from neurological diseases, to the decrease in potassium levels in the body, to the administration of drugs, to lead poisoning, to a sedentary lifestyle, to certain metabolic or endocrine diseases;
●  Psychosomatic constipation - appears on a nervous background and may be functional (trying to adapt to a new environment, for example) or constipation as a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome (disturbance of digestive function for at least three months);
●  Obstructive constipation  - blockage of the colon by a foreign body or after rectal prolapse (movement of the rectal lining or the entire rectal wall through the anus). However, obstructive constipation can also occur due to diseases, for example of a neurological nature;
●  Stenosis (narrowing) of the colon for various reasons  - stenosis can be caused by tumors, but can also occur after surgery;
●  Severe constipation - also called chronic constipation, it can occur due to conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, Parkinson's disease, dementia, depression or due to the administration of drugs such as narcotics, antihypertensives or anti-parkinsonian drugs.

Chronic constipation natural treatment

Herbal solution against constipation disorders. Return to normal bowel movements and fluid disgestion

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