STOP AMNESIA (Natural herbal remedy)

The natural treatment that we offer to treat amnesia naturally is composed of medicinal plants from Africa. The herbal teas are made from plants whose active ingredients act by inhibiting the formation and/or proliferation of the plaques responsible for the patient's memory lapses.

Natural Herbal Remedy for Amnesia

From time to time, we all forget things because of stress and a hectic lifestyle. But being forgetful is different from having amnesia. Amnesia refers to the loss of memory, of recollections, of important details to remember.

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If you are suffering from amnesia, or if you have someone in your life who is suffering from it, and conventional medication is failing, here is the miracle solution you need.

It is a natural, herbal remedy that can cure amnesia and various memory disorders. Its use will allow the patient to gradually regain his or her mental abilities and to remember the things that he or she has "forgotten". Its effectiveness far surpasses that of conventional medication. It stands out because it is entirely herbal and we consider the patient and the family as a whole.

You can trust us! This herbal tea is the secret to healing amnesia with plants!

The natural treatment that we offer to treat amnesia naturally is composed of natural herbal teas. The herbal tea is made from plants whose active ingredients act by inhibiting the formation and/or proliferation of the plaques responsible for the disease in the patient's brain. Herbal tea is a natural remedy that protects brain cells from harmful molecules. The patient will slowly regain his memory and all those around him will be relieved.

He will be able to regain his memories and forgotten events. 

The use of natural plants is beneficial in treating amnesia because it often gives good results. It often pays to get off the beaten track and follow the solutions that nature offers us.

Moreover, our natural remedy is without side effects, unlike drugs on the market which can have undesirable effects (aggravation of symptoms, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite). The value of prescribing these drugs is still controversial, even in the medical community.

This natural treatment is the secret to a natural cure for amnesia.

The different types of amnesia

There are several types of this condition. Here are some of the most common:

  • Anterograde amnesia - the patient does not remember new information. Recent events disappear from memory, information that should be stored in short-term memory. This usually happens as a result of a head injury. However, the patient can remember events prior to the incident suffered.
  • Retrograde amnesia - often considered the opposite of anterograde amnesia. The patient does not remember events that occurred before the incident, but normally remembers everything that happened afterward.
  • transient global amnesia - a temporary loss of memory. The patient with this type of amnesia has difficulty forming new memories - he or she suffers from severe anterograde amnesia. The loss of old memories is less severe. This is a rare form of amnesia.
  • Traumatic amnesia - loss of memory caused by a severe blow to the head. It is usually temporary and its duration depends on the severity of the trauma.

Complementary Natural treatment for amnesia

  • propolis: this combination is beneficial for stimulating brain cells (1-2 tablets per day)
  • Royal jelly: rich in B vitamins and contains a small amount of vitamin E; taken in tablet form, in prolonged and regular doses (1 to 2 tablets a day).
  • Soya: soya products or soya tablets 300 mg per day provide the phospholipids needed to strengthen the brain.
  • diet: fish, nuts, fruit, whole grains
  • Fruit mix: decoction of rosehip (50 g), sea buckthorn (20 g), blueberries (20 g), fruit (20 g) and basil (10 g leaves). Preparation: 1 tablespoon of this mixture is boiled in 250 ml of water for 10 minutes; consume 4 cups per day, until 3 p.m.

Memory problems related to an illness

On the other hand, memory problems are more serious when they are related to illness and require a check-up. They can be slow and progressive in chronic illnesses, but can sometimes occur abruptly in cases of head trauma or acute illness. Many drugs are also involved in the development of memory disorders.

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Memory problems can be caused by :

  • Medication: Medications can temporarily impair memory capacity: sleeping pills, anxiolytics, and this is especially true in older people;
  • psychological: stress, anxiety, a depressive syndrome, severe fatigue, a painful experience. . ;
  • behavioral: lack of sleep or poor quality sleep as in sleep apnea syndrome disrupts the memory process;
  • Cerebral: an epileptic seizure is responsible for transient amnesia which disappears; cerebral diseases (Parkinson's disease, tumor, degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis...) can be accompanied by permanent memory problems;
  • vascular: an ischemic or haemorrhagic stroke, a cerebrovascular disease due to small haemorrhages or vascular thromboses that damage the brain may be involved. These causes are more common in people with high blood pressure, diabetes or vascular atherosclerosis ;
  • nutritional: vitamin deficiencies, alcoholism ;
  • trauma: after-effects of head trauma;
  • toxic: carbon monoxide poisoning, drug use (cannabis).

You can trust us!

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