New natural therapy to treat uterine polyps

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Uterine polyps are benign tumors. However, they are very common, with some estimates suggesting that 40% of women are affected. Fibrous or mucous, uterine polyps are growths that develop in the lining of the uterine body (endometrium) or the lining  of the cervix  (endocervix).

Safe and effective natural treatment for uterine polyps

Are you suffering from uterine polyps disease? To heal naturally you must try to consume a natural herbal tea which is suitable and effective for treating uterine polyps that you are suffering from. This natural therapy does not cause negative side effects, as it is made from 100% selected plant ingredients to prevent uterine polyps.

The natural treatment that we offer to cure your polyps naturally  includes several 100% natural herbal teas. It is an effective, fast and long-lasting natural remedy that allows polyps to be permanently removed. It is very effective with a 100% satisfaction rate. All the elements of our treatment are completely natural herbal.
They work by preventing the action of progesterone on the endometrium (lining of the uterus) and keeping estrogen levels within normal limits. Because high estrogen levels promote the appearance and formation of polyps, the action of the herbal tea will quickly shrink the polyps and reduce your pain. This natural remedy is the secret to curing uterine polyps naturally. Heavy menstrual bleeding usually stops at the end of treatment.

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Recognize the characteristics of uterine polyps and carry out the appropriate and safe treatment.

The symptoms of uterine polyps :

The  polyps of the endometrium  may be asymptomatic, in fact, are often discovered by chance during routine examinations on women, such as the gynecological examination, pelvic ultrasound or  hysteroscopy  . 

When uterine polyps produce  symptoms , their most common manifestations are:

  • Vaginal bleeding after intercourse  .

All women who have abnormal uterine bleeding should be evaluated by their doctor to rule out serious conditions such as  endometrial cancer  .

As a result of frequent bleeding, the onset of anemia is common. In any asymptomatic woman who has anemia during the test, uterine bleeding should be excluded as a possible cause.

  • Infertility: large polyps or multiple polyps decrease the likelihood of pregnancy (impair sperm transport and the embryo implantation process); in fact, its diagnosis is not uncommon in women who undergo medical infertility tests.
  • Pain: When polyps are large, they can extend and peek through the opening of the cervix, occupying part of the vagina and causing pain due to cervical dilation. In these cases, the bleeding may be more intense. In addition, they can lead to changes in the sex life of women.
  •  Recurrent abortions

The severity of symptoms depends on the size, location, and the number of polyps present.

Natural treatment for uterine polyps with herbal medicine 

Why is the treatment with herbal tea the best? the natural treatment of polyps of the uterus with herbal medicine was chosen because the herbal tea has the necessary content to overcome the disease. This content has been tested and many people have felt the effectiveness of this herbal medicine against uterine polyps. Get to know how to use herbs for the natural treatment of your polyps.

What is African herbal medicine?

African herbal medicine is a multi-property herbal medicine with very extraordinary properties and without side effects. Our herbal tea is made from 100% selected herbal ingredients, namely from a mixture of fermented honey, agaricus blazeii murill with additional mushrooms, propolis, additional mangosteen, black roselle petals extra, ant nests and palm sugar. All of these herbal ingredients have very extraordinary content and have been tested and fully capable of treating many diseases including Uterine Polyp Disease. Here are some of the benefits of each African herbal ingredient:

Honey: source of energy for endurance, slowing the absorption of blood sugar healing wounds, anti aging.

Agaricus Blazei Murril fungus: Cancer, tumors, radiation protection (air, X-rays, ultraviolet, anti-oxidants), effective against diabetes.

Propolis: Natural Anti Biotic, Anti Virus, Anti Bacteria, Anti Infection, Anti Blood Clots, For Eye Health.

Mangosteen peel extract: heart disease, arteriosclerosis (plaque in blood vessels), hypertension, thrombosis, antioxidants, immunity, blood cancer, lung cancer, intestinal cancer, liver cancer, bronchitis, uterine problems (cancer, uterine cysts, polyps, etc.)

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