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Ovarian failure natural treatment

By On 22/10/2020

Premature ovarian failure prevents pregnancy

1 to 2% of women under 40 are affected by premature ovarian failure (POI). Sometimes wrongly called “early menopause”, this POI actually covers multiple situations. Get pregnant quickly with our natural treatment for ovarian failure.


Definition of ovarian failure

The ovarian failure is an inevitable physiological process in women. This is called menopause, which occurs on average at age 51. This menopause is said to be early when it occurs before the age of 40. It is also called early ovarian failure (POI).

Early ovarian failure is clinically defined as amenorrhea (absence of periods ) of more than four months before the age of 40, associated with a high level of FSH on at least two samples taken a few weeks apart.

 Early ovarian failure leads to infertility because without ovulation, there is no possible fertilization. However, some women with POI may intermittently produce estrogen and ovulate, and in 5-10% of cases, have a baby.


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The causes

As a reminder, in young girls, the stock of ovarian follicles is formed in utero. Thus at birth, each ovary contains a “pool” of 1 to 2 million ovarian follicles. From puberty to menopause, in each cycle, a small part of this stock matures during the follicular phase. One dominant follicle continues to mature and arrives at ovulation, while the other follicles die. At the same time, there is a normal phenomenon of apoptosis, or "programmed death", of a certain part of the pool of follicles. This phenomenon accelerates after 37 years and menopause occurs when the number of follicles is less than 1000.

During this physiological process, three different mechanisms can be the cause of early ovarian failure:

  • an abnormality in the formation of the stock of follicles in utero;
  • a blockage of follicular maturation (there is indeed a stock of follicles but they do not come into maturation);
  • abnormally rapid depletion of follicular stock.

Different causes can be at the origin of these mechanisms:

  • Iatrogenic causes. Treatment with radiotherapy and chemotherapy can accelerate the process of apoptosis and lead to early depletion of the ovarian reserve;
  • a genetic abnormality, the most common being Turner syndrome which is characterized by the absence of one of the X chromosomes. But many other abnormalities located on the autosomes (that is to say all the genes other than the sex chromosomes) or on the X chromosome can cause POI. To date, various genetic mutations have been identified and research continues;
  • autoimmune causes, that is, an abnormal response of the immune system that turns against the body. IOP is also often associated with other autoimmune endocrine pathologies such as Graves' disease, type 1 diabetes or APS (Autoimmune Polyendocrinopathy Syndrome);
  • viral causes. Here again, research must continue on this possible viral track.

Other Natural Treatment To Ease Pregnancy



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It helps maintain the balance of hormones. It supports the liver. It reduces the risk of genetically damaged eggs during ripening. It supports immunity by reducing inflammation. It also reduces damage to the ovaries in women being treated for cancer.
How to use: One teaspoon per day can be used in combination with other bee products.


Pineapple natural treatment for kidney failure

The chemicals it contains are beneficial in reducing pain, increasing blood flow, healing wounds, facilitating digestion, removing edema, and increasing inflammation in the adhesion phase of the embryo.
How to use: You can eat a few slices of pineapple a day.

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