Clove to get pregnant naturally


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Herbal remedies give hope to many couples who fail to conceive. Some couples spend their entire lives saving for expensive, long-term, invasive infertility treatments, which often go unsuccessful. Although herbs are often thought of as an alternative therapy, the truth is that they have been used for hundreds of years to treat all ailments in the world.

After all, plants were the only drugs available to our ancestors and the human race has survived, so plants must get their fair share! In this article, we will tell you how cloves boost fertility to help you get pregnant naturally. 




WEIGHT TO GET PREGNANT: Natural herbal remedy

The female infertility can be caused by many disorders or gynecological dysfunction  : endometriosis,  anovulation  (lack of ovulation),  uterine polyps,  uterine fibroid, miscarriage,  obstruction of the fallopian tubes, obesity,  ovarian cysts,  stress, excessive consumption 'alcohol…

For each of the causes of female infertility mentioned above, we offer a specific natural treatment.  This is the secret to curing female infertility. It is essential that you consult a gynecologist or have had a fertility check-up to know the main cause of your infertility.

Our treatment for female infertility depends on the origin of the disease. The composition of the natural remedy will depend on the cause of female infertility. Our natural treatments are only made from plants whose effectiveness is scientifically proven. They are the miracle solution to cure virtually all forms of female infertility Click on the image above to discover the treatment 

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clove water recipes to get pregnant naturally

Clove, which attracts attention with its taste and smell, is also good for sexual problems and makes couples happy with its' aphrodisiac effect.

Clove, which became famous as a love flower in ancient times, also brings happiness with its aphrodisiac effect . To say that cloves increase sexual desire in women and men is verified. However, Cloves also make childbirth easier for women while increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

Cloves are a spice that has found wide application. Cloves have numbing and cooling properties, so chewing or sucking on them is a proven way to treat toothaches and bad breath.  In turn, the cream with the addition of clove oil would be a means of premature ejaculation. Check out what the other cloves are doing.

Cloves  are the dried flower buds of the root of the clove - an evergreen tree that comes from Asia. The properties of this spice have been known for over 2000 years. At that time, its healing effects were used in ancient China, during the Han Dynasty. Four a hundred years later, Arab merchants brought carnations to Venice, from where they reached the rest of Europeans who still appreciate the healing effects of cloves. It results mainly from the content of eugenol - a substance that reduces the activity of enzymes that lead to inflammation, inhibits the development of yeast infection and even the rate of cancer development. In addition, clove has also been used to treat

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Clove recipe 1 for fertility


Dried and beat in a mortar with 6-7 cloves until it becomes powder. After you've boiled the amount of water you drink, turn off the stove and throw the clove powder into the water. You can drink after waiting for the infusion for 10 minutes with the lid closed. You can steep for 20 minutes to make the tea strong. If you brew more clove tea, you can store it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.


Clove Recipe 2 for fertility


It is a nutrient that makes it easier to conceive according to research done by health doctors. If consumed regularly in the form of 1 tea glass after each meal; It has the characteristic of functioning within the reproductive organs, performing your hormonal tasks and strengthening the uterus.

Ingredients for clove tea:

  • 1 clove
  • 1 teaspoon of hot water

Make clove tea: For clove tea, first boil the water, then add 1 clove to the boiled water and steep for 5 minutes. Then do your herbal treatment so that you can conceive easily by drinking the brewed and warmed clove tea immediately after meals.

In addition to clove tea; other plants with the same characteristic; saffron, hops, shepherd's sack, lion's rivet, cinnamon, mint, rosemary, chamomile, zahter, fennel, sage, brewer's yeast, mustard, oatmeal, vanilla and pine nuts. You can also brew herbal tea using these herbs and similarly you can use herbal methods to conceive easily.

These plants, recommended for pregnancy, generally benefit from the relaxing, stress-reducing and relaxing properties. In this way, women and even men feel more comfortable and increase the chances of having children. At the same time, these herbs increase the chances of pregnancy by widening the fallopian tubes and the vessels of the ovaries.


Clove recipe 3


  • Clove
  • Apki seeds
  • Black pepper
  • Four sided fruit (tetrapleura tetraptera)

Method of preparation

  • Dry mash a handful of akpi, two 4-sided fruits and seven black peppers. Add cloves
  • Add 1 liter of lukewarm water
  • Let cool completely, and filter


  • Cool down at the time of the purge!
  • Purge after your period until the 14th day
  • Start a pear every day (from day 4 of the cycle until the day of ovulation).



Cloves or clove oil for toothaches and headaches


Cloves will help relieve pain - all thanks to the eugenol in them, which has mild anesthetic properties. It is enough to make a paste from 1/4 teaspoon of clove powder and a teaspoon of cinnamon oil, which is applied to the forehead with headaches and other points painful. For toothache, it is recommended to chew a carnation or soak cotton wool in clove oil and apply it to the wound.

Studies have shown that clove oil can be used in dentistry as an anesthetic, topically before the needle is inserted into the gum tissue. The patients said that because of this the pain was lower.

Cloves will lower cholesterol

A few grams of cloves a day supports insulin production, and at the same time lowers cholesterol - this was confirmed by studies described in 2006 at the Experimental Biology meeting in San Francisco. Studies have shown that everyone who ate cloves, no matter how much, had a reduction in glucose, triglycerides, and "bad" LDL cholesterol. The level of "good" HDL cholesterol remained unchanged. It has also been observed that clove oil prevents the formation of lipid peroxide groups, which can lead to  heart attack and cardiac arrhytmia.